Mysterious giant of the East, the vastly populated China is a riveting jumble of wildly differing dialects, climactic and topographical extremes that can only be truly understood when personally explored and experienced. With so much of its great history spent within closed borders, its unique culture and diverse landscape is a secret waiting to be discovered and has been drawing tourists from all over the world to the uniquely exotic country. From the collapsing sections of the Great Wall to temple-topped mountains and sublime Buddhist grottoes, there still exists an antique glimpse into China that has not been overshadowed by the decades of round-the-clock development. The geographical and cultural variations have also greatly influenced Chinese cuisine, which is undeniably popular all over the world, but has to be genuinely relished in all its authenticity only from its roots.


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Classic China

KD 205

Days :5 Nights / 6 Days
Location : 3N in Beijing, 2N in Shanghai

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Discover China

KD 270

Days :7 Nights / 8 Days
Location : 3N in Beijing, 2N in Xi’an, 2N in Shanghai

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