Switzerland, the land of four languages, is filled with ravishing landscapes that demand immediate action. Whether it is skiing and snowboarding during the winter, or hiking and biking when the pastures are green, tourists truly enjoy the outdoors in this breathtakingly scenic country that can also be explored from a hot-air balloon, parachute or afloat a white-water raft. Although the rural beauty is an escape from the bustle of city life, the easily accessible urban centers of Switzerland are just as captivating, with medieval old towns and world-class modern art, castles, bold architecture, riverside bars, new-wave restaurants and more, reflecting the uber modern and highly innovative culture of the Swiss. Land of cheese, chocolates and cuckoo clocks, Switzerland also promises treats that cannot be matched by most other places in the world.


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Swiss & Paris

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Days :6 Nights / 7 Days
Location : Swiss + Paris

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